Emmett, The Emmett

The greatest rescue dog out there! He is the best boy with the "best smile on this side of the Mississippi" - Waylon

Shop Roles:

  • Professional Seam Ripper
  • Snack Supervisor
  • Quality Control Inspector

Miss Rosie

Rosie is one of the cutest pies out there! She is an athlete, has the best snaggle tooth, and loves to be sprayed by the water hose. She is so well trained by her amazing mom and couldn't be a better pup model.

Mr. Ludo

Mr. Ludo is my dog nephew! He has the best puppy energy, the cutest zoomies, and loves to look dapper. He always has a smile on or a toy in his little snout.

Little Miss Betty

Betty (AKA Ketchup) is the pocketist pitty on this planet! She was an Austin Pets Alive (APA) pup but is now living her best life with her loving parents. She takes a mean picture and might steal your pizza.